Question of the Day: What Music Do You Listen to…?


Now that Halloween is over, I am crashing from my sugar high and I feel like dead. Is this happening to you? It’s okay to say if it is. We are here for each other. See that sad panda up there? I bet that panda is all “OMG I JUST WANT MIKEY WAY TO @ REPLY ME ON TWITTER” or something very forlorn. It happens. We all have needs. Maybe now, our sad panda is going to go listen to Linkin Park. Who knows. The world is weird and scary.

Do you ever get in those moods where you feel kind of “meh” about everything and nothing is really going your way except all the bad stuff? This is different than being depressed though because you know what’s happening. Once you realize what’s going on, you kind of revel in it. You listen to music that coats you in a strange veneer of the sads, much like a piggy wallowing in mud. OH GAWD IT FEELS SO GOOD.

Take this song here:

I can be all:

Everything’s rad! I love stuff because of reasons!

and if I hear this song, it makes me go OH EVERYTHING IS AWFUL SO I NEED TO HEAR ALL THE WEEPY WEAKERTHANS SONGS ON LOOP and then I feel like this:


Sometimes, it’s okay to be sad. You need to process your feelings and there is probably about a million songs that highlight your exact feelings. Tell us what songs those are and we can have a big sad party and talk about things that make us sad because it’s good to talk about your problems. We <3 u!