Question of the Day: What’s the most romantical thing you’ve ever done for someone?

One time when I was young and in love, I cut out a bunch of hearts on poster paper, covered them in glue and glitter, and stuck them all over the car of my then-boyfriend while he was at work. I used to do some pretty cute ass stuff for the gentlemen that I would court. I don’t know when it happened but I realized that my brain has mostly been all “We are just waiting for something to go wrong so don’t waste your good ideas yet.” I’ve been foiled by my own brain.

That being said, life hasn’t soured me too much even though I am not even dating or anything. Most of the guys I’ve gone out with have either been all “OMG WE’VE KNOWN EACH OTHER FOR A WEEK LET’S GET MARRIED” or they’ve been the kind of dudes that can’t communicate/use their words. I reserve the right for romance ideas to spring forth from my skull like Athena being birthed by Zeus in the distant future.

Look at that romantical ass photo up there by JaneBecameInsane. It comes from her freund. That insect there is pretty cute. Go here to read about her being in love because it’s probably the cutest thing ever:

T is for Thankful

Now it’s your turn! What’s the most romantical thing you’ve ever done for someone? What’s the most romantic thing someone’s ever done for you?