Question of the Day: What moments will you never forget?

There are times in life that we will never forget. More importanly, that you will never forget. You should tell us about them. More importantly, you should tell me about them. I am nosey and I like to find out things about everything that isn’t any of my business.

You know when Sherlock says that people cram their heads with too much minutia and that’s all the stuff that gets in the way of remembering/thinking about the really important stuff?

That’s how I am with internet.

Here are my #momentsIcanneverforget:

1. The moment I realized that I am probably going to die alone (happened last night)2. When I realized my life was wack and I ran away from everything to lay on the floor of an abandoned house and listened to NIN on repeat and now I can never hear that song ever sans tears. 3. The time I found lolcats. 4. The time when I stared at the sea and realized that I am going to be okay. 5. The time when I told myself that I was done with myself and I was reborn as the phoenix king.

I swear, I am not as depressed as I sound. Mostly all of these things are things that made me realize that everything is going to be okay even though lots of stuff sucks. Thanks a lot, therapy.

That’s all I gots. <3, your king of over-sharing on the internet,


Now it’s your turn. CHEER ME UP.