Question of the Day: If you could have any pet, what would you get?

In yesterday’s QOTD, I posted something and used a photo of a hedgie. All I have been thinking about have been hedgies. I am totally okay with this. It made me think about having a Hedgehog Sanctuary. Can you imagine? You probably can’t, so here’s a picture:

This has all been making me wonder about all the animals I have ever wanted in my life. They’ve mostly been birds and bats, and hairless cats and this:

The Aye Aye

I would still totally have those in my menagerie. I still want some of these though:

Anyway, I still feel weird about “having” pets. I even feel weird about saying that I am Moo’s owner or master. Mostly I just say we are BFFS. Moo was a rescue of sorts because she was a surprise birth and if no one adopted her, she was going to be given to a dog pound. I am glad I adopted her. I am looking at her cute face right now. She really is the cutest dog evs.

Let’s say some magic conditions arrived and you could have some animals on a farm and never had to do anything but take care of animals all day. Maybe that’s my dream scenario. Imagine that your dream scenario came true and you could have any pet ever. What would would that pet be? Why would you want it? Show me pictures of GIFS. The end.

If you could have any pet, what would you get?