Question of the Day: Have any of your wishes ever come true?

Today is 11/11/11. I guess everyone is making wishes or whatever because of reasons. I really don’t understand why. I mean, I get that all the numbers are the same or some junk but whatever. I, obviously, shant be making any wishes today because of this:

Image: Internet

Anymews, since everyone is all “OMG IT’S 11:11 on 11/11/11 & I WANNA MAKE A WISH LOL,” I just wanted to see how many of you actually wished for something and had it come true. Wish time examples:

Birthday wishesBreaking a wish boneStar wishes (see above)W/E

I think I did the whole, “Wish on a star” thing when I was tiny. I think my mom made me do it or something because she was all “Oh it’s cute” or some crap. Since I had a general mistrust of anything she ever said, I ran to my encyclopedias to see what these things were. I read that they were usually just rocks/dust/debris that had the misfortune of burning up in the atmosphere of our lovely home planet and that this happens ALL THE TIME.

I tried doing the birthday thing once, too. Since I was raised as a Catholic bb, mostly I just wished that God would make me straight so that I wouldn’t go to hell and stuff because that didn’t seem like any fun.

Obviously, that didn’t work. Now, I hate everything (except food). Oh but it is Nigel Tufnel Day, so that’s cool. On this day, we turn everything up to 11. Rock!

It’s also Veteran’s Day! Give me prezzies. I am rambling. Onward, to le QOTD!

Have any of your wishes ever come true?