Puppy Love

photos via Mario Manzoni

My fabulous dalmation outfit in color! Halloween has come and gone and now it’s onto Thanksgiving. I can not wait to cook my huge vegan style dinner. It’s my favorite meal of the year! Starbucks now has the red holiday cups and I officialy put away all my summer dresses. Looking forward to my Miami vacation and California trips in the up and coming months. Im really enjoying the east coast’s season’s and all NYC and Philly have to offer. I can not wait to have city sleepovers and hit up all the winter broadway shows next week with some serious Chinatown eating! Im spending the day finishing my collections, flipping through over flowing stacks of fashion magazines, drinking more pots of flowering peach green tea then humanly possible, and trying to avoid all the real life errands and phone calls that are not so glamorous.

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