Project.Inspire.21 #18 featuring Irene

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“A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life”Isadora James

I said a lot of things about her during those 13 years, sometimes I repeated the same stuff more than a million of times but I always love to talk about her and overall I defend her till the world ends (and with this I quote one of her last songs xp) because she’s simply a human being just like us.

I can say I grow up with Britney, we grow up together and we learnt a lot of things.

Britney makes me love a lot of things, especially dance and gymnastic. Just an year before to know her, I started my first year at gymnastic and then I loved it more than ever because we usually do lesson or exhibition at the end of the year with her songs, I remember we do an exhibition on …Baby One More Time and Crazy and I was totally excited about it!

Britney is the sister I never had and she is special for me that I can’t describe my love for her with all the words of the world. She’s one of the best things happened to me and since 1998 she gives me a lot of emotions, every day, when I listen her songs and dance on them, I feel near to her and every time I watch her performances or a video about her or read her news and see her pictures I’m so happy and if she is happy, I’m happy too!

Bad periods are part of own life and I haven’t a lot of memories of that period, in 2007, not because I don’t remember but because I was really worried for her and I couldn’t do nothing for her because we are so far: I could just to pray and to be 24h on the web for to know something new.

Britney is one of the reasons I wake up in the morning and I hope one day to can meet her and just thank her for what she did in all this time!

Written by: Irene (Italy)

Note: Irene actually went to Zurich to attend Britney’s concert on 3rd Oct 2011. You can check out her dream-come-true-post here [: And also her gallery of Britney Live in Zurich here.