November novelties

Okay, so last week I told you about my new buzznet project! For those who didn’t catch that blog-I will be shooting a new artist every week and featuring them here on buzznet!

last week I had a shoot with recording artist Brogan Burnside, it was such a fun and fabulous day!

I feel so blessed to work with such young and talented people! Everyone was in the team was awesome.

We shot at a gorgeous apartment in Hollywood with an incredible view- the photos are going to show Brogans personality and she will be rocking items from the Li Cari line (

Here is a little peep at what you will see once the photographer is finished editing the photos!!

I can’t wait to share the final shots and Q&A with you!! You will fall in love with this talented young lady!

I would LOVE to hear from you- is there anyone you would like me to work with & feature?? It can be any form of up and coming artist- feel free to send me ideas or suggestions

Yours Truly,

designer Jazmin Whitley

Li Cari