New BFF Alert: Tavi and Hailee Steinfeld Went to Disneyland Together

Teen style blogging prodigy and Rookie editrix Tavi Gevinson and teen acting prodigy and fashion darling Hailee Steinfeld met up yesterday for a trip to Disneyland, which only comes second to an army of kittens wearing 1920s flapper outfits dancing with a bunch of puppies in old-timey GI uniforms in terms of absolute cuteness. The two first met and fell in friend love at a Miu Miu party in LA, and apparently made new BFF plans to meet up at Disneyland and ride Thunder Mountain in adorable mouse ear hats…with a photographer, of course. This whole adventure is probably for a Rookie editorial, but we still like to imagine the duo braiding each other’s hair and texting each other maje goss at all hours of the night.

What do you think these two talk about? Discuss: