Muppet Mondays: Five Muppetlicious Music Numbers

Last week I listed five celebrity musical appearances on The Muppet Show, but this week I want the Muppets themselves to take center stage. Whether it’s on one of their numerous shows or a viral internet video, the Muppets have been responsible for some fantastic musical numbers. Here’s five of them.

“Mahna Mahna”

Animal – “Wipe Out”

And here’s Janice from Electric Mayhem singing “With a Little Help From my Friends”:

Beaker performs a tender and soulful rendition of “Feelings,” with an assist from Animal:

And of course, the Muppets all get together to perform their own version of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”:

As usual, these are just five of my favorites, and I wanna see/hear yours!