The Evolution of Milla Jovovich

Actress Milla Jovovich has so much more than films on her resume. You can add to that model, singer, designer, mother, and ultimate girl power ass-kicker.

Born in Ukraine, she moved to the United States at age 6 with her Serbian father and Russian mother and began modeling at age 12. That same year Milla was named one of the “Most Unforgettable Women in the World” by Revlon. She launched her massive acting career one year after that at age 13. Wowza!

As one of the most hard working, brilliant, and stunningly beautiful celebrities out there – I feel I must pay tribute. Care to join me in basking in the awe that is Milla?

She is a(n) lover/fighter/giver/mover/original/dedicated/funny/serious/jokster and we love her for every bit of it.

Welcome to The Evolution of Milla Jovovich!