Miley Cyrus Supports Occupy Wall Street With Video: Offensive or Sweet?

Yesterday Miley Cyrus made headlines around the world with a leaked video of her at her birthday party “admitting” she was a stoner. Today Miley is making headlines once more with a DIFFERENT video – and this time it was Miley herself who created the video! Showing her support for the Occupy Wall Street movement protests, Miley used footage of real Occupy protests with a remix of her track “Liberty Walk” accompanying the visuals.

The beginning of the video starts off with the words, “This is dedicated to the thousands of people who are standing up for what they believe in…” flashing on the screen. The footage also includes images from the controversial incident in which some protesters were pepper sprayed at the University of California, Davis.

Check out the video below:

But while it seems that Miley’s intentions were sincere and supportive, her critics are piping up that the video “cheapens” the cause with her pop music video. What do you think?

Do you think Miley’s video is offensive to the cause, or do you think it’s sweet of her to show her support?