My Mexico Shopping Finds!

Welp, it’s my last day in Mexico City! I’m genuinely sad to go, but I DID have a particularly thankful Thanksgiving when my brother Tim appeared in our hotel room unexpectedly as a surprise! I couldn’t have been happier. Today we shall all go to the Frida Kahlo museum and eat more food than we can bear and likely end up lounging around in the perfect weather until it’s time to sleep.

There have been countless beautiful places and things to show you (far more rich and interesting than my shopping spoils, I promise), but I’m saving that for a more comprehensive overview blog when I return. So for now, these are some of my finds:

The platform Union Jack boots, which I had been looking for FOREVER and which seemed to no longer be available anywhere on earth, just happened to miraculously pop up in my size at the (relatively sketchy) La Lagunilla market! A sheer-ish black top came from a cute little shop in La Roma, the Museum of Modern Art provided me with the Diego Rivera autobiography (which is supposedly full of tall tales), and the rest I found after significant digging at numerous markets. That includes the lime green and bright orange lipsticks, which actually have fabulous pigment, and cost me roughly $3 each. Yeah… Mexico, I think I love you. More soon!!

Have any of you guys been to Mexico??