The Maine Post Studio Update Via RAGGED MAG

The Maine have been hard at work on their latest album, Pioneer, set to drop December 6th. Fans have already had a taste of the album and know it will sound more rock ’n’ roll than their pervious pop-rock releases. But how did Pioneer’s sound come about? Turns out it all happened at a ranch house in Gilbert, Arizona.

Guitarist Kennedy Brock explains,

We just had this overwhelming feeling in the house that I think everyone could feel. Songs were just coming out left and right, and really songs that were completely differing from the song right before it.

He also goes on to describe how the relaxed environment allowed the band to experiment with new sounds and take chances.

It was just I think a chance for us to take our music in any direction we wanted to with no pressure.

Check out this newly released studio update via RAGGED MAG where the boys describe how this new direction was born and how they write over 40 songs (WOWZA) that would eventually become ‘Pioneer’.

Fans can get a free download and check out upcoming tour dates here on the band’s official site.

Are you eager to hear ‘Pioneer’ and The Maine’s new sound?