Did Lindsay Lohan Learn Her Lesson in 4 Hours?

Could one really learn all they needed to learn in prison for a mere four hours? Last night troubled actress Lindsay Lohan checked herself into the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, CA to serve her 30 day jail sentence at 8:50PM. As expected, Lindsay was released less than five hours later at 1:30AM.

Lucky, lucky girl!

Officials say she served only a short amount of time because of jail overcrowding and because her offense was nonviolent and came with a sentence of fewer than 90 days, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The sometime-actress was sentenced to 30 days in prison for violating probation on her jewelry theft and drunk driving offenses.

However, Lindsay isn’t quite off the hook just yet: she is currently not allowed to leave the country and can only leave California for work reasons. She also has to complete a total of 53 days of community service at Los Angeles county morgue and 18 psychotherapy sessions by March 29. If she complies with all of this, her probation could be revoked. If she violates this, she could get sentenced up to 270 days in prison.

Do you think Lindsay learned her lesson in those four hours? What do you think the appropriate sentence for her offenses should REALLY be?