How I Learnt To Ride A Bike // BST Assignment #2

I’ve been really really busy and I hadn’t time to write my little story so I hope I’m not in late. I learnt to ride a bike (a two-wheeler) in May ’96, I wasn’t 6 yet, because my bday is on December, but I remember I wanted to learn to ride a bike as soon as possible because a couple of my friends already did it! So a Sunday morning I went at the playground just in front of my house with my bike and my dad, he said me that he shouldn’t help me because he wanted that I could learn on my own and this was also what I wanted too, because I always did the most part of the stuff on my own, so I can be proud of myself. My dad sat on the bench and he looked me while I was trying to understand how to keep the balance on the bike and after less than a hour I already was able to ride it! I was really really happy! It’s impressive how clearly I can remember a fact happened over 15 years ago!