Lately I’m Not A Great Buzzneter

I know, lately I’ve not been a lot here, and I’m really really sorry 🙁 From a side there’s Uni, it takes me a lot busy, especially in the weekend when I come back home around 7pm and then I’m so tired to open the pc because then I have other stuff to do, I have dinner and also I like to watch tv for relax me (for this reason, as I already said, I will have to do a internet promotion for my BB so I can stay here with all of you in every moment *_*), then also my telephonic line is broken, I don’t know why, we called the call center and we are waiting for news, so also my internet connection weren’t avaiable but today it’s work (but it’s not the same for the telephone -.-) For all these reasons I haven’t been here and this makes me feel so sad, because I really love to stay here with all of you and update my profile with new stuff, I hope to keep the promise to stay more here in the next weeks.

I was thinking about to post something new here apart Brit and TH stuff… any ideas?

I wish a great Sunday to all of you

With Love

Irene xoxo