Lady Gaga To Bad Exes: “I Can Buy Myself a F*ckin’ Ring”

Lady Gaga talked to Vanity Fair about her relationship history. From the woman who wrote such songs as “Monster,” Speechless” and “You and I,” fans have every reason to believe her lovelife has been storied.

Storied and uncompromising. Gaga says that being true to herself led to one of her ex-beau’s telling her “You will die alone in a house bigger than you know, with all your money and hit records, and you will die alone.”

While that doesn’t sound so bad (I mean, I’m assuming by “alone” this guy means “unmarried” and, for crying out loud that’s NOT the same as alone), Gaga says that things like that do occasionally lead to fits of self-doubt. But those moments don’t keep her down for long: “Even though I know it sounds a bit Hallmark, whenever I [was] in that kind of stressful, worthless moment, I would think, I’ll show you. I think what it really is, is that I date creative people. And I think that what intimidates them is not my purse; it’s my mind.”

She also says she’s had some marriage proposals from guys as an attempt to “fix” problems in their relationship. Leading to one of the greatest quotes has ever come from Mama Monster:

“How f*ckin’ romantic, you asshole. Sure, pop a ring on my finger and make it all better. I can buy myself a f*ckin’ ring.”