Who did Kristen Stewart punch in the face?

Kristen Stewart is one busy lady! In the past few weeks alone she forever altered a cube of wet concrete with her hands (and a pair of checked Vans), turned up in Vogue Italia, married Robert Patterson (ok, not quite) and made an appearance on Leno.

Let us save you sitting through the commercials and other, far less interesting, guests and give you the highlights of K.Stew’s appearance on The Tonight Show.

First, girlfriend wore bike shorts/spanks/a strapless unitard under her mini dress. We hear you sister! In fact, just moments ago we were wishing our jeans had an additional setting between buttoned up and undone.

Secondly K. Stew spoke out about the fur she was accused of wearing in her recent W Magazine shoot, “That’s not fur — I would never wear fur. It’s mohair… it was one of those things that nobody does anymore and people are like look she’s willing to… no I’m actually not, so let’s just clear that up.”

And finally, and this is the real WHAMMY, she spoke about clocking her Snow White co-star, Chris Hemsworth in the face during shooting.


Did you catch Kristen Stewart’s interview on Leno? What was your favorite moment?