Kina Grannis Sweet Premiere of ‘In Your Arms’ Music Video

The adorable and talented Kina Grannis is back with a brand new animated stop-motion music video for her song, ‘In Your Arms’. The charming song about love is made even sweeter while as 288,000 Jelly Belly jellybeans animate the screen and take Grannis on a wild adventure. Yummy!

The singer, who gained originally popularity via YouTube, is celebrating the new video’s release with a live performance and Q&A today on her YouTube Channel. Kina is also announcing a February 2012 tour across Europe and has already sold-out dozens up-coming of shows here in the US.

You can check out Kina’s full tour schedule here and her new music video below! Fans can catch the live performance and Q&A here today at 3 PST.

What do you think of the the video for ‘In Your Arms’?