Justin Bieber Takes on Dubstep: What’s Next?

Everyone’s favorite potential baby daddy Justin Bieber is planning on dabbling with some dubstep on his upcoming album. While sitting down with USA Today the Biebs said,

“I’m about halfway through. I’m experimenting. What’s big right now are beats that are in the clubs, like dubstep. So I want to mess with that stuff, but also stay me.”

So there is that. But more importantly, it is 100% imparative that you ALL listen to his rendition of Drummer Boy. Yes, you are thinking of the right song. The Christmas classic. There’s a whole lot of pa-rum-pum-pum-pumming and some rapping by Busta Rhymes including the lyrics “Sipping eggnog, with a little sprinkle of vanilla,” so thats awesome. This image will forever be burned in my mind:

What other genres should the Bieberino take a shot at?

Reggae, perhaps?

A collabo with Black Veil Brides, maybe?

How about some glitter covered pop with the likes of Ke$ha?

What kind of music would you like to see JB do next? Are you interested in hearing his take on dubstep?