JoJo’s ‘DISASTER’ Music Video

Jojo‘s video for her new single “Disaster” has arrived, and it looks like we’ve got another disastrous relationship drama on our hands. Where’s the love people? After the drug fueled and visually pleasing Rihanna video for “We Found Love,” it seems that all the ladies of pop are choosing a harder and slightly more upsetting vibe.

Watch as Jojo’s angry boyfriend repeatedly refuses to let her practice guitar and then rides away on his motorcycle:

The singer sat down with our friends over at Idolator to answer a few questions about the video:

On casting Rafi Gavron (the lead actor)“In choosing our leading man, I wanted it to be someone that was genuinely a rough-around-the-edges kinda guy. Manicured “pretty boys” needed NOT apply. I had seen Rafi Gavron in Nick & Norah’s Infinite playlist and thought he was a great actor and a natural choice for me. He embodied the edge and rugged sexiness that I wanted my guy to have. I wanted him to feel a bit like a bad boy from Boston, and although Rafi is from the UK, he pulled it off perfectly.”

On the band“I loved the performance scenes because I got to rock out with my real-life musician-friends! We had a great time jamming and doing what we love.”

On the video’s kissing scene “Kissing someone I had just met that day was….uummm….Nerve racking! But, I pushed my butterflies to the side and went for it. Rafi made me very comfortable and took any pressure that I was feeling off my shoulders.”

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