Style Profile: Jessie J

Though she went from virtual unknown to chart-topper seemingly overnight, British sensation Jessie J is definitely no manufactured pop tart. The twenty-three year old beauty with the big voice had been working behind the scenes for years, penning giant hits for the likes of Miley Cyrus (“Party In The USA”) and Chris Brown (“I Need This”) when her Myspace page garnered her a solo record deal, and the rest is history. While she is enormously talented and totally gifted, we like to think part of her fantastic success has to do with her incredible wardrobe, which is comprised primarily of form-fitting jumpsuits, sheer magic, and the coolest patterned tights in the universe. Even when she was rocking a broken foot, her style was still rocking. Pretty impressive if you ask us (ok, the killer voice is kind of rad too).

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