Jersey Shore’s Vinny Has Himself in a Messy Situation (Pun Intended)

I will not at all claim that Jersey Shore is where we should look for any kind of class or good sense. But honestly, there’s a difference between “good sense” and “WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?”

Vinny Guadagnino has officially registered as the latter with the release of his first single. Look, The Situation’s attempt at a music career was laughable. Angelina’s was as well. But Vinny? Vinny’s gone above and beyond with his song “Rack City Remix.”

I mean, it starts off bad enough, a cell phone ring followed by Vinny announcing “I just got paid. We’re going to the strip club!” And then goes on to a hook that is seriously just “racks” and “ass” repeated. Over and over again.

But then? In the middle of the first “verse” Vinny drops the following line:

“Actin’ like I’m raping it / F*ck her till she fakin’ it.”

Look, in the past I’ve cried out against musicians releasing songs that seemed to promote date rape. But this isn’t even questionable, like “did he or did he not just talk about drugging a girl’s drink?” This is Vinny flat out saying “Acting like I’m raping it.”

So, acting like you’re forcing yourself on someone else in a sick display of power? Is…is that in any way supposed to be SEXY? And who the hell told him this was a good idea? Doesn’t Vinny have a manager? Didn’t that manager think that maybe MAYBE releasing a song with that lyric was a bad idea? Or were they just counting on this getting Guadagnino all kinds of attention…the bad kind.

Youtube wasn’t happy with it, apparently, and the video has been pulled. Perez Hilton, however, has presevered the song for the ages.

Well, Vinny appears to be taking it exactly how you’d imagine. He tweeted out: “Whoa! Some people really know how to take things out of context ! #LearnToListenToMusic …It was fun though!”

Vinny, I know how to listen to music. Maybe you should learn that RAPE IS BAD.

What do you think of Vinny’s big debut?