Happy Birthday Brian Dales! Here is a List of What We Blame You For

Today is The Summer Set‘s Brian Dales birthday, yay!

And of course birthdays are a time for friends to celebrate and tell you how much the love you — or in this case, how much they blame you! So happy birthday Mr. Dales, here is a list of what your friends blame you for!

From John Gomez, guitar, Summer Set:

Netflix raising their prices

Honey Badger not giving a fuck

Corruption on Wall Street

Morning breath

Thinking there’s an extra step when walking up the stairs

Broken escalators


William J Tell, photographer:


From Josh Montgomery, guitar, The Summer Set:

My parent’s divorce

Human trafficking


Unplanned pregnancies

My band sucking ass

No internet connection

My sex life, rather, lack there of

Putting cereal in the bowl and find out you have no fucking milk

That retarded ass song “Moves Like Jagger”


Not being able to sleep when he is within 100 miles of The Porch

Making fan girls breach security at LA’s #1 private hot spot (The Porch)

Arizona’s SB 1070 Immigration Law (that’s Brian’s fault, right?)

Way too many underage followers on Twitter.

For being a hopeless romantic even when things aren’t romantic

My unhealthy obsession with Seth Cohen.

Laughing and smiling even when things are really bad

Matchbox 20 references in 2011.

For being shamelessly ambitious

Believing in everyone

Rebecca Black.

99% of my twitter followers. Seriously, I don’t know who any of these people are following me.

For being Mariah Yeater’s real baby daddy.

Being responsible for the website hotchickssmilingatgroundzero.com


Bad hair days

So wish Brian a happy birthday in the comments (or blame him for something)!