A Guide to Versace for H&M: All Items + Prices + What to Expect!

Designer collaborations are always crazy on the opening day, what with all the hardcore fans scrambling to get their hands on a piece from the collection. H&M does limit each customer to 2 of each item, but things sell out fast. For the best chance at snagging your favorite piece, here are a few tips:

1. The earlier, the better. Versace for H&M debuts on Saturday, November 19th, at 8:00 AM in select stores (be sure to check the H&M website here for a list of participating stores). Get there as early as possible! The first 280 people in line will recieve colored wristbands (20 people per color) corresponding to a certain time slot in which they can shop. So try to get into one of the first groups! Those who arrive after the first 280 people will be let in later (at around 11:00) in groups, to pick over the remains of the collection.

2. Look at the collection and decide what you want before you go. Then you can scramble for the pieces you know you want first.

3. Grab as much as you can. But be polite: don’t shove others, or snatch things out of people’s hands. Howver, if you see something in your size, go for it! You can always put it back later.

4. Bring snacks/coffee/phone for the wait. Your waiting time is always longer than expected. Because there are always people even crazier than you willing to camp out in front of the store.

5. The men’s collection has a much, much, much shorter wait. And more often than not, no wait at all. You don’t need a wristband to be one of the first to shop Versace for H&M men’s, so do take a look at the men’s pieces. I personally have my eye on the super-sweet bomber jacket. Gender bending works, especially with Versace!

So to prepare for the Versace for H&M debut, take a look at the entire collection below:


And the jacket I’m hoping to get:

Mark your calenders: Saturday, November 19th, opening at 8:00 AM. Good luck!