Gloria Steinem Comments on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

The annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show was taped last night, featuring performances by Maroon 5, Nicki Minaj and about a kajillion Swarovski Crystals.

Feminist Gloria Steinem, who was in New York to attend the Glamour Women of the Year Awards (she was an honoree), was asked her opinion of the yearly lingerie spectacle. And if you were anticipating that negative stereotype of frothing feminist rage, well…you’re going to be let down.

NY Mag reports that she said the following:

“Well, it’s employing those women,” she said optimistically, laughing. “But women’s bodies are not just ornaments, they’re instruments,” she added. “Walk around the street and look at real people. That’s much more helpful than those ads.” Does she think average women wear sexy lingerie? “You know, somebody must be buying it in the stores, but I don’t think they’re wearing wings.”

I’m going to agree with Gloria on a lot of things, the “real people” aspect and the “not just ornaments” statement. And, um, of COURSE “average” women wear sexy lingerie! Why the hell wouldn’t they? Don’t “average” women have the right to feel sexy, too? And if wearing sexy lingerie helps them feel that way, well, more power to them!

But I will disgaree with one major thing: I spend just about every VS fashion show WISHING I could actually buy and wear the wings.