Getting Results: S is for Sacrifice

Last week, we were given the word “sacrifice” for our Alphabet Assignment by Buzznet’s Anime Queen, Kendra. She started us off with this mighty picture:

Chaka made a fan video from his many hours of Expendables footage:

Side bar: I was listening to Eastern European music when I started playing this and it went together really well.

Kendra shows us how physical sacrifice can take its toll:

Ricia shows us how people sacrifice for asthetics:

Meghan explains the sacrifice she would make for her first love:

Lory talks about the sacrifices she makes for living in a land full of unparalleled beauty:

I don’t know if this was Jeff’s post for the assignment but it was in the feed. Being in the military is a sacrifice one makes so that those that you love can be free. I won’t get into politics here but that’s my “I’d like for it to mean that” post:

Jane makes a sacrifice of the heart for those she loves:

Pishelle tells us about the love she has for her loved ones (I KNOW I KNOW I WORDED THAT WROND):

Dawn likes babies so much that she would sacrifice sleep for them:

This is my vegan propaganda:

Mostly I wanted to do something else but I didn’t have time and I was being lazy and awesome this weekend. Anyway, my biggest sacrifice has been that I don’t eat meat or have dairy/eggs because I like animals and stuff. The end.

Go and check out everyone’s posts and see why they posted the images they posted. You’ll be glad you did! See you next time!