get my look


two colors you really can’t go wrong with this winter…or, EVER.

I love dressing up and being glamorous but when I don’t feel good or when I’m just being a bum I LOVE to dress up in boys clothing, brushed cotton and lots of hoodies (:

To get this grey and black casual slouchy look:

Grab an oversized boys cardigan

mine has NO pockets =[ one of my favorite things about a cardi is pockets so make sure you look for that.

UNDER the cardigan just layer any black cotton top, I like the scoop nack or eveb an off the shoulder top

I got my simple cotton mini at TARGET (the best place to shop for basics)

BLACK AND GRAY socks!! You can wear solid color ones but i think its fun to play with different strips since the outfit is lacking in color (:

finish off the look with GREENBEES boots. They are so posh and also really comfy.

Hope everyone is enjoying the end of November!


Jazmin Whitley

Li Cari