Flashback Friday: 11 TV Shows We Watched as Toddlers

In the day and age we live in, it seems like kids today popped out of the womb with a cell phone attached to one hand, a computer mouse to the other and their eyes fixated on a screen of some sort. Back in the day when we were toddlers, it was much more simple than that. If anything, as toddlers we had a television set for sure and watched age appropriate shows that were both entertaining as well as educational. Sesame Street was definitely one of those shows that defined our childhood and taught many of us how to count, spell and interact with others.

In honor of Sesame Street Day yesterday, here are the 11 TV shows we used to watch as toddlers:

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Reading Rainbow

Captain Kangaroo

Barney and Friends

Mister Rogers Neighborhood

Bananas in Pajamas


Shining Time Station

Sesame Street

Thomas the Tank Engine

Lamb Chop’s Play Along

Which TV shows did you watch when you were a toddler? Which one was your favorite?