The Fanning Sisters Looking like Elfin Princesses on the December Cover of W Magazine

Besides being the fairest maidens in all of Hollywood, Dakota and Elle Fanning seem to have a good head on their dainty shoulders. The sisters sat down with Lynn Hirschberg at W Magazine to talk about everything from fashion to their obsession with the CBS show “Criminal Minds.”

Elle on borrowing Dakota’s clothes:She is a nice older sister. But it’s not like we always get along. Now that she’s going to college, it’s different. I went into her room at home in California, and all her clothes were gone! Her closet was empty! I don’t get to go in there and steal clothes anymore. It’s really strange. It’s sort of like she’s off making a movie, but this time she’s not coming back.

Dakota on modeling for Marc Jacobs:I was 12. I was always into fashion because my mom has always been interested in fashion. She majored in fashion merchandising in college, and it’s always been something we have in common. When I did that first campaign for Marc Jacobs, I really wasn’t old enough to wear the clothes. He made all the clothes from the runway in my size. I still have them.

The Fannings talk about their TV habits:We watch a lot of reality TV. My sister and I record Big Brother. We’re obsessed! And we love old game shows like Password and the original Family Feud. Also, me and my sister watch Criminal Minds. We record every episode, and we watch it every single night.

Elle says being invited to the Chanel show in Paris was the best day of her life:When I found out that I was invited to the Chanel show—that was the loudest I’ve ever screamed in my life. That was the best day of my life. It was my first fashion show, and I know every model by name. I go on and look at all the shows. It was just the best experience ever! And, of course, we did some sightseeing. We went to the Eiffel Tower at night. It was sparkling.

You can read the full interview over at W. Check out the gorgeous photos from the editorial below: