Is This The End of 30 Seconds to Mars?

They may have won big last night at the AMAs, but there’s bigger news to talk about with 30 Seconds to Mars right now. When they announced their “Church of Mars” show earlier today, the show description included one very, very interesting/troubling line:

“One of the final MARS shows…”

Wait, WHAT?

There have been rumors since May that 30STM was looking to call it quits, but the band refused to confirm or deny those rumors. While they did tell MTV Canada that they were tired and tour-weary (rightfully so, as they just broke the Guiness World Record for “most shows ever performed during a single album cycle”), it sounded more like the band was going to take a hiatus than a full-fledged break up. Later that same month guitarist Tomo Milicivec seemingly jokingly said “”We can neither confirm nor deny these allegations.”

By August the rumors had surfaced again, with Jared Leto saying “It took two years to make ‘This Is War’. Touring it has been another two years. Do I have that in me again? I don’t know.” However, Jared also admitted the band had written new material and gave fans hope for the future by saying “‘This Is War’ was an arrival, creatively and personally.”

But now, between the quote from the ticketing page and the video posted to their website after the AMAs last night declaring “the end of a journey” it sounds as if MARS is finally telling us that they are finished. Of course, this could be tricky wordplay on their part, it could be that they’re going to reinvent themselves yet again or that the “journey” they are ending is just the one they’ve been on with This Is War.

What do you guys think of all this? Hoping it’s all just a huge misunderstanding? Think it’s time for MARS to call it quits? Can’t talk now, panicking?