My Daddy Is Always Really Lucky

My dad is just come back home and he said me to have found 15 euros (a little bit more 20$) while he’s coming back home: WOOOOW! He always is so lucky to find money or coins walking around the streets XP And everytime he finds something he gives it to me *_*

Today finally I bought a few of gifts for my sweet friend Celine, her bday was on Monday but I hadn’t time to buy something before and so I did it today and in those days I will send to her a package with all the stuff, I think she will love them (she already recieved Tokio Hotel calendar 2012 just on Monday, it was a little gift before the other ones! I desired she could have something to open just for her bday)

I’m so proud and glad that my sweet bunny Hanna followed my advice for a new and fresh haircut *_* she’s the best ever and I love her as a sister! I hope to meet her really really soon!

I also changed my banner and background profile, I hope you like them 😉

Have a great Wednesday my lovely Buzzneters

Love you so much