Britney Says To Cosas Magz: “If you always think about the past, you can’t enjoy the good moments of the present.”

Britney’s featured in Cosas, a Chilean magazine, including a new interview in Portuguese

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She’s One of the few people with a place in pop royalty. Just like Madonna is the queen of pop and Elvis the king of rock, Britney is the Princess of pop. People started calling her the princess of pop during her first years in the music business when her first albums broke all kinds of records around the world. The pop star, who is performing for the first time in Chile, has already sold most of the tickets for her show. For the public it is a big deal that the singer, writer, dancer and business woman is coming to the country, cuz they have been waiting for this moment for a long time now.

Even though her private life has had her ups and downs, she’s never stopped being top news for the press and a favorite for the paparazzies who follow her every step – yet she seems to have learnt her lesson which has helped her with personal and artistic growth and development. She’s simply Britney Spears.

The consolidation of a star:

She debuted on stage when she was 5 years old when she was graduating kinder garden. A few years later she became a star when she got a place as a mousketeer on the all new mickey mouse show, a tv show watched by millions of children and teenagers in America, and some of them wanted to be just like her. And it was on that same show where she shared the screen with other big artists like Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera, who was seen as britney’s biggest competition in the business for years.

According to the critics among all the other pop females it was Britney went to actually improve the music industry and create this trend of pop stars who sell out every concert and sell millions of albums, clear current examples of this trend are teen pop starts selena Gomez and justin bieber. Britney became a pop icon during the late 90s, her music broke every border and her music videos made millions of girls around the world wanted to be like her. But it wasn’t all about her looks, but also her musical talent and as a proof of this there’re the sales of her albums, more than a 100 million albums and singles making her one of the biggest music sellers in the industry. According to Billboard’s magazine she’s the female singer with most number 1 albums since her debut. ‘’ Britney is more than just a pop singer’’ said the article in the magazine. Her legacy is up there with the biggest names, like MJ, Elvis, The doors and the beatles. Madonna and Britney are probably the most important women in music history. And just like a Billboard, there are a ton other magazines who think alike, but she seems to take it slow and remain humble about it, as it was showed in the interview we had with her for the magazine Cosas.

According to RIA you’re the 8th best seller artist of your country. B- Wow, I didn’t even know that, But all I can say is that I’m a blessed person to be having success doing what I love.

Forbes has also stated that you’re the 6th most powerful woman in the world. How do you feel with this kind of titles? B- (Laughs) “To be honest I don’t do it for the power or the influence, I don’t care about that. Id honestly still be making music even doe I didn’t get a cent from it.”

Truth is there are figures that speak for themselves about her relevancy. She has more than 10 million followers on twitter, and she’s the 3rd most searched woman online. She’s a recurrent figure on youtube, even in a bigger way after she became a somehow sex icon with her music video toxic. Rolling stone has a reason to say she’s not only a pop artist but she also created the innocence with a little of sexuality.


Britney spears shined since she was just a little kid even though she lived part of her childhood in Mississippi. ‘’ I remember I used to play basketball and I was the leader of the team. I really enjoyed growing up in a small town , I think that helps you appreciate a little bit more everything. Life is way more slow and besides I love the food there! Of course this easy and slow life came to an end for her when she became famous and successful. Even though britney’s public figure hasn’t only been acclaimed, while she was a really big artist her personal life turned into chaos. She started being the favorite target for the media, her every move became big news for them. When she kissed Madonna on the vma’s it all turned into a huge scandal and a lot of people called the show too controversial. All kinds of controversy kept going for a few years and one of the main reasons was her public relationships drama. First she broke up with Justin, and rumours were floating around saying she cheated on him. Then her fans were shocked to learn Britney has abruptly married with some old friend Jason Alexander in las vegas. But maybe the worst part was that only 52 hours later they annulled their marriage. After that it came Kevin federline, a backup dancer with whom she had 2 kids. They got divorced 2 years later. By that time her addictions were already known by the media and they even caused her to lose custody of her children. A lot of people in the media think 2007 was the darkest year for the singer. Crazy partying, check in and check outs in rehab, violent behavior and her looking really bad were just everyday things. One thing that is still in her every fan’s mind is the moment where she completely shaved her head, she had gained a lot of weight and looked like she was on some drug all the time. All these scandals affected her professional life. A lot of people thought of her as a lost cause and blamed it on starting a career in the business so young.

What did it mean to you to start your career so young?–The truth is that I grew up loving to sing, im sure im on this business for the right reasons, cuz it’s what I want and what I love and it’s always been like this. Would you like your children to have a career in the business? Ive always thought that I couldn’t forbid them if it is what they really love and feel passionate about. I think I’d encourage them to follow their dreams. Last year her media bash decreased in a big way due to the fact she’s stayed out of personal struggles, and she’s managed to her fit body back, her bad days are in the past and there are even some who think that the fact that she managed to crawl out of so many problems is an example for the young.

You’re considered an icon of improvement in life, are you proud of yourself? What advice would you give to men and women who are going through bad times in their lives?“It’s important to go day by day. It’s also important to know that you can’t live thinking of the past, of the things that happened, cuz then u wouldn’t be able to enjoy the happy moments of the present. I think it’s ok to make mistakes as long as you learn from them.”

Ever since her concert was confirmed in Chile, the anticipation has been crazy in the country cuz It was something a lot of people were dying to hear. The sales for the show have been really good, something britney’s well aware of.“It is really flattering, I can’t wait to be there in chile and perform for you guys. It’ll be really fun.”

What do you expect from the Chilean people?“I’m hopeful they come to the show ready to sing, dance and have a good time. There will be a lot of energy. Ive always though the shows are better when people sing along really loud and have a lot of fun.”

Tell us how was the process of making this tour happen?“First you put out an album, and once you know the direction it’s going you try and visualize how the songs should be performed on stage.”

What’s the setlist for your show in Santiago?“It’s a mix of old classics and the new songs, I like doing it like this cuz I think it works better. It’s fun to see moms singing the old songs and the kids singing the new ones.”

Her last album has been really successful, she debuted on the top ten of almost every country of the world. In America it was her 6th number 1 album selling 276k in just the first week of release.

How would you describe Femme Fatale?“Fun, fun , fun; it’s like going to a club with a lot of energy.”

What do you think about this interview and this editorial? Are you agree with what Brit said?