Blink-182 Covers War: All Time Low Versus Good Charlotte And More

During Blink-182’s hiatus, it became super-cool and soooo retro to play a Blink song and now that they’re back it’s remained super-cool and soooo retro but also current at the same time. All Time Low have covered them during both those stages, but has their extended experience made them the best? Well, let’s take a look at the competition.

All Time Low

All Time Low covering Blink-182 may not exactly be new news (they recorded their own version of Time To Break Up and have previously played tracks including Dammit, What’s My Again Again? and even attempted the infamous Blow Job) but today this cover made headlines despite the fact they’ve even played the same song various times before. So do you enjoy ATL’s regular ‘tributes’ to Blink-182 or would you rather they left other artists’ discographies alone and just played their own material?

Good Charlotte

Last year, it was Good Charlotte who recieved a fair amount of coverage (no pun intended) in the webosphere for singing blink-182. They performed Dammit and as far as I’m aware, it’s the only Blink song they’ve ever covered – yes, really. So what do you think; is it better than All Time Low’s efforts – or is it even better than Blink’s efforts?


Decaydance All Stars

You can’t have a true covers war without Panic! At The Disco so here’s ‘Decaydance All Stars’ AKA Panic! with Ian Crawford and Pete Wentz performing another Dammit cover. During their 5 minute career, they also found the time to cover Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing. Well if the work dries up guys, you could also play for hire at weddings and eighteenth birthday parties.


JEDWARD…you either love ’em or you hate ’em (and generally Blink-182 fans feel the latter). There was general outrage when their cover of All The Small Things hit the airwaves but if you laugh along with the ex-X Factor duo, you might be able to calm your anger. No? Still hate them? Well go watch Edward break his leg during a live performance – you cruel, cruel person.

So which is your favourite?