Beyonce Advises Rihanna to Go Away: Should She Listen?

Rihanna is one busy, busy gal these days! As she showed us via her personal collection of photos, RiRi has been on the road hardcore on her 101-date tour – and it’s taking a toll on the singer. Apparently she almost scrapped a gig in Dublin, Ireland on Friday after suffering a mental breakdown just hours before she was supposed to take the stage. She was able to compose herself, however, only after making a tearful phone call to mommy-to-be Beyonce.

According to UK newspaper The Sun, Beyonce was thought to to have advised RiRi to complete her tour commitments, then take a year off to relax (much like Bey did in 2009). A source told The Sun, “She knows Rihanna needs downtime or she’ll burn out.”

The source also says this about Rihanna:

“She’s just a young woman who just wants to have fun, but she was feeling pretty low. It’s a mix of exhaustion and stress. She’s been partying hard to take her mind off things, but there are days when she wakes up and doesn’t even know where she is because of the travelling. It’s no wonder she is feeling down.”

After her performance on Friday, Rihanna tweeted:

This isn’t the first time Rihanna’s health (mental and/or physical) has been at stake: Earlier this month, RiRi was hospitalized in Sweden for exhaustion. Yikes! Be careful RiRi!

Do you think Rihanna should listen to Beyonce’s advice about taking a year off? Do you think people will forget about her if she does so?