Whats In My Bag Road Trip Edition

astology tarot cards, crystal necklace, vegan cookies, iphone, ipad, ted baker ipad case, chakra incense, dolce vita shoes, weetzie bat book, yerba mate tea, lazy bones sunnies

Im heading off for a 10 hour drive to Michigan and Ohio at 5am! I have a bag of snacks, ipad movies and road trip mix cds to get me through the drive. I cooked a 10 course vegan Thanksgiving day dinner for some friends and family this week and I will spend my real Thanksgiving with my boyfriends family. Soon as I return to the city im gearing up to shoot the new Tokyolux samples and finish producing Coco De Coeur. I treated myself to a hot stone massage this morning and I have been floating around in relaxtion bliss ever since. Im taking my friend out for an early birthday dinner and viewing of Twlight at the cinema later.

I was at an antique flea market last week and this guy was staring at me the entire time, it was starting to freak me out. Eventually he came up to me and told me im a physic, clairvoyant, overly sensitive and can feel the energy from everyone around me. (I know this already, as I have been living my life for a long time) Apprently he is too and said he saw me like a beam of light walking around ha! If I had a dollar for everytime a stranger told me these things in my life I would be pretty rich. It hasn’t happened in a year or so and it caught me off gaurd. I keep thinking about it for some reason. It just reminded me to go with my gut, everytime I second guess myself I regret it. Sometimes I know things without being told so I assume I made it up in my mind!

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