The Alphabet Assignment & Story Time (Brought to Us by You & Ferris Bueller)

This week, there are some fun things happening on Buzznet. There are always fun things happening on Buzznet, but much like Ferris Bueller said,

For our first epic round of fun, KokoDril has come up with the Alphabet Assignment: U is for Unknown

From what I can gather, this assignment is all about the unknown things you want to know about, but nothing too obvious.

As with every assignment, tell us what this word means to you by any means necessary. Be creative!

Deadline: Sunday, the 4th of December

Add your images to the Photo of the Day group or drop me a note and let me know you did this. Go and say “Hi” to KokoDril 😀 Hopefully I can post the round up of all the images, blogs, drawings, etc. on Monday. Woot!

Can you handle it?

If you have yet to check out the Storytellers Group, we are talking about Hobbies this week:

Art: Hobby of the Class-less

JaneBecameInsane has been mega helping everyone as of late so I just wanted to say Jane Bueller,

Anymews, Jane wrote this awesome post about the Rules for the Hobby Stories, so you should read that and let us know what your hobbies are. There are already some really rad ones up, so check them out when you get a chance!

Check out what Kitten can do:

We are off to a good start this week, so SHAKE IT UP, Buzznet!