-21 Days To 21!

Well, exactly among 21 days I turn on 21! Woooow! This year has passed really really fast, oh Lordy and I’m almost 21, Gosh! *o* A lot of stuff changed in the last month and all my plans have been broken because my friendship with my bestie is finished and what I planned for my bday is dissapeared. I really don’t know what to do on December 7 yet, maybe I will do a party with my parents and my sponsors at confirmation and a few of other friends of my parents and also mine but you know the fact you can’t spend time with other people, other friends is so sad 🙁 especially when you are 21 years old! I really would like to have here all my friends, and the most part of them are here on Buzznet (Kat, Celine, Ruby, Tara, Lory, Yon Yi, Ben, Hanna, Audrey) and also my little angel Bill and my sweet fairy Britney I hope that one day I can have all of you here with me for a mega party *_* I also don’t know what to wear for my bday, any ideas?

I hope you are having a lovely week, you always are in my thoughts