10 Rachel McAdams Movies We Absolutely Love

She’d had a number of roles prior, but Rachel McAdams first blew us out of our seats as the ultra-cool and ultra-mean girl Regina George in Mean Girls. Since then, the Canadian born actress has won our hearts starring in a variety of movies, including The Notebook (with real-life love Ryan Gosling), Morning Glory and Midnight in Paris – just to name a few. Today is Rachel’s birthday and to that we say:


In honor of Rachel’s birthday today, here are 10 of our favorite Rachel McAdams movies:

The Hot Chick

The Time Traveler’s Wife

Sherlock Holmes

The Notebook

The Family Stone

Mean Girls

Red Eye

Wedding Crashers

Midnight in Paris

Morning Glory

Which Rachel McAdams movie is your favorite? Which role would you LOVE to switch places with her in?