‘Zombie Boy’ Rick Genest Covers Up His Tattoos In Weirdly Uncomfortable Video

The Zombie Boy is at it again. Whether he’s frolicking on a Brazilian beach or popping up in a Lady Gaga video, he never ceases to raise our collective eyebrows. This time around he is shocking us by NOT having tattoos. Watch as he does the opposite of what I want him to do, by wiping off all of his makeup to reveal a face covered with tats. I can only fantasize about him wiping his face clean to reveal a handsome man. I’d get the same satisfaction I get from watching a dirt devil leave a white streak down the center of a once brown rug.

Kat Von D did something similar in a photoshoot for her fragrance, but I find her before and after a little more satisfying.

For some reason Zombz decided to take the creepy, stare directly at camera approach. If you’re interested in covering your tattoos or just giving your body an overall pale and more matte finish than this is the product for you.

Watch the Zombie Boy rid his face of tats below:

Do you prefer Rick with tats or without? Which tattoo/no tattoo transformation do you like better?