What’s Wrong With Lindsay Lohan’s Teeth?

Lindsay Lohan may be notorious for her legal troubles these days, but nothing has ever been said about her hygiene issues – until now! The 25-year-old actress was photographed on the red carpet this week and showed off her, um, not-so-pearly-whites and has gained quite the attention for them.

The star’s grills have been causing quite the stir – and not in a good way. Her teeth appear to be yellowing, and buzz has been going around on what the cause of her unsightly teeth is.

When asked for a comment, her rep Steve Honig told PEOPLE: “Lindsay is widely acknowledged as one of the most stunning actresses of her day, and we get requests every week wanting to do photo shoots with her from top photographers,”

“She’s been on the cover of Vanity Fair,” Steve said, “and the top beauty and fashion magazines. She’s a beautiful and glamorous actress.”

“With everything going on – from deteriorating public education to rampant homelessness to international unrest – there is no way I’m going to comment on Lindsay’s teeth,” he added.

What do you think the deal is with Lindsay Lohan’s teeth? Is it drugs, the cigarettes, or did she just need to give the old pearly whites a brush?