Winds of Plague Get Ready for Halloween with The Rave and R. Kelly

Johnny of Winds of Plague sat down with us to talk all things spooky, told us where his unsettled ghost would roam and what his most terrifying life moment was.

If you were a ghost, which place would you choose to haunt?

I believe that ghosts tend to dwell in places with sentimental value to them. I would haunt Knott’s Berry Farm because it is a place in which I grew up and have become accustomed to. Also once a year I would be able to Haunt among my friends in a most prime setting of the Halloween Haunt.

Which horror movie villain could you outsmart?

All of them…. Except Freddy Krueger, hes a tricky bastard.

When was the last time you were truly frightened?

The last time I remember being terrified was when I was about 13, we lived in this really old historic house that was creepy anyways and in the middle of the night I heard there scratches on the ceiling, at first I thought i was dreaming and then I heard them again, this time I jumped up and turned the lights on and I continued to hear them for a while before they went away. I tried to go back to bed and then I heard them but this time on the wall next to my bed and I lost my shit, I jumped up, turned the lights on, my heart was beating so hard I swear I could hear it and then I heard the footsteps and little squeaking noises. The next day I set some rat traps to see the beast that was terrorizing me. It was a tiny little white mouse.

What’s the most unintentionally scary person place or thing you can think of?

Being in a band I’ve had the privilege of exploring some pretty awesome, old, historic venues. Im going to say The Rave in Millwaukee. It was tons of little passage ways and hidden rooms. Theres a empty swimming pool in the basement, who does that?

If you had the sweetest pumpkin carving skills in all the land, what kind of masterpiece would you create?

I think I would make an army of storm trooper pumpkins lined up in front of Lord Vader. Yea, I’d do that.

What are the 3 best Halloween candies?

Anything but that bullshit candy corn.

Zombie, werewolf or vampire?Zombie > werewolf > vampire. Although 30 days of night vamps were pretty legit, the rest of this new vampire shit can GTFO.

Do you have any great trick or treating memories of your youth?

Sitting on top of the roof with my friends drunk dad spraying kids with a hose.

How old were you when you stopped trick or treating, and was it your decision?

18, only because I started working at haunted houses. Actually, the only reason I want to have kids one day is so I can go trick or treating again.

What songs would you put on a playlist to creep people out?

R. Kelly