Why Did Shia LaBeouf Threaten to Stab Man Who Helped Him?

If someone breaks up a fight between you and someone who was punching the daylights out of you, what would you do – thank him? Not Shia LaBeouf! During a brawl in Vancouver last week, the actor allegedly threatened to pull a knife on his helper.

Shia and Shea, Shia’s helper who helped restrain him from getting beat up even more

According to TMZ, the man seen helping Shia calm down during the fight was not one of Shia’s friends (as people speculated) but a random local bar patron named Shea Carter. Shea told TMZ that he noticed the actor inside the Cinema Public House bar before the fight went down and that Shia had been drunkenly swaying into several patrons, including one man who calmly warned Shia, “Hey man, watch out.” Reportedly Shia replied, “Oh yeah? Or what? What are you going to do about it?” That’s when the two of them decided to take things outside – and the guy ended up beating a drunken Shia to the ground.

Shia getting beat

After the brawl, Shea tried to stop Shia from going back inside the bar, but then Shia spewed at Shea, “Well what if I grabbed my knife on you?” Shea quickly grabbed Shia in order to protect himself in case Shia’s threat to him was real. Shia eventually walked away so Shea went back into the bar. But moments later, Shia appeared in a window and made a throat-slashing gesture at Shea before leaving.

YIKES! Shia, what is going on with you? We loved you in Even Stevens and all the Transformers movies. Don’t ruin it for us!

Do you think Shia will ever change his trouble-making ways? Or is he on the road to being a troubled former child star?