Why Was Rihanna Riding the Subway to Her Concert?

Rihanna could afford to have her pick of any car and driver (or ten!) to chauffeur her around anywhere in the world. So why was she spotted riding public transportation on the way to her London concert?

Apparently RiRi likes to keep it real. This week she decided to take the underground subway to the O2 Arena in London, England where she was performing. The 23-year-old superstar happily posed for photos with fans while riding side by side with them on the Jubilee line. Fans shared the photos via Twitter.

Giselle Green, a fan who was en route to the show, told Mail Online: ‘I was in Rihanna’s carriage on the Jubilee line. I didn’t really twig at first because you wouldn’t expect to see a superstar travelling so casually on the tube. And she was due on stage in a couple of hours! But then me and my friend realised it WAS her.’

‘She was so cool and friendly and happy to pose for photos. I asked why on earth she was taking the Tube to her own concert. And she said she’d always wanted to go on the Tube and decided to do it as it was the first night of her tour.’

(Photos: Splash News / Giselle Green)

Rihanna was surrounded by a huge entourage as she approached the ticketing area, she passed through with her own Oyster card.

She was so humble and normal,’ Giselle added.

Good to know RiRi can keep it real!

Would you ride public transportation if you were rich and famous? What do you think of public transportation? What’s your favorite mode?