Top 10 Pete Wentz Cameos

Do you ever watch a music video and think “Hmm, there’s something missing here” but you can never quite put your finger on what exactly it is that’s missing. Well I’ve solved your problem (well, answered the question you never asked) because I’ve realized what the secret ingredient to a perfect music video is … a cameo from Pete Wentz! So in celebration of my epiphany, I’m bringing you a collection of P.W’s guest appearances – believe me, there are a lot. I’m sure I’ve missed some but enjoy those I’ve noted:

Travie McCoy – Billionaire (Feat. Bruno Mars)

By far my favourite Pete Wentz cameo purely down to the hilarious obviousness of it. Around 1:45 Pete appears casually scooting around with Bruno and Travie before suddenly jumping on Mr McCoy’s ride and doing some nice “HELLO CAMERA!” waves.

All Time Low – Weightless

Aah, that video which mocks everyone and what they do from the merch guy to the crowd members to the groupies to the band themselves. Oh and incase you somehow haven’t noticed the guy who’d “rather be watching Fall Out Boy” isn’t the only FOB reference as Pete Wentz tweets Mark Hoppus (who’s sitting next to him) during the video.

TYGA – Coconut Juice (Feat. Travis McCoy)

Past Decaydance alumni TYGA (who happens to be Travie McCoy’s cousin) puts the lime in the coconut and twists it all up which causes Pete Wentz to inform Lil’ Wayne / ‘the police’ of an ongoing ruckus – yes, really. Just watch it, it might make sense then.

The Ready Set – Love Like Woe

Beware of the green-eyed monster. And by ‘green-eyed monster’, I don’t just mean jealously, I’m also referring to The Ready Set’s interesting representation of ‘zombies’. Oh and yes, PW does play a zombie. I’m sure if this had been in a film, his performance would have been Oscar nominated.

Cobra Starship – The City Is At War

Admittedly, this isn’t Cobra Starship’s best video – well, at least it certainly isn’t in terms of HD film quality. Put it this way the top comment on the official YT video is “If I had a quarter for every pixel in this video, I’d have 50 cents”, somebody give 9Hockey4 his 107th like already! However it does feature a moustached Pete Wentz eating a doughnut as a cop. His acting range is unlimited.

Gym Class Heroes – Clothes Off!! (feat. Patrick Stump)

Another appearance from Travie McCoy, and of course another appearance from Pete Wentz…dressed as Elvis. Panic! At The Disco also appear to bust out some sweet moves while dressed in animal suits. Average video really.

A Day To Remember – All I Want

A video which is essentially a string of cameos from various bands and musicians sounds perfect for Pete Wentz to join in on, and he certainly fits well. He sings along (and jumps around) in Fall Out Boy’s storage area. He joins the likes of Bring Me The Horizon, Trivium’s Matt Heafy and As I Lay Dying’s Tim Lambesis. Essentially this is Nickelback’s “Rockstar” – with balls, and erm, actual rockstars (sorry Gene Simmons but Nelly Furtado just didn’t fit in).

The Academy Is… – We’ve Got A Big Mess On Our Hands

You know the blatant product placement scene in ‘Thnks Fr Th Mmrs’ when Pete Wentz is rung by William Beckett? This video gives you the back story to that call. Turns out he was just phoning him because he had his very own ‘Hyde’, obviously.

Cobra Starship – Bring It (Snakes On A Plane)

Cobra Starship make their second appearance (well I say ‘Cobra Starship’ but this was back when it was some kind of one-off supergroup) on the list with their Snakes On A Plane soundtrack hit. Wentz is in the background once again.

Fall Out Boy – What A Catch, Donnie

Ok, ok I cheated here but technically Pete’s appearance is a cameo even if it is in his own video. I apologise for the poor quality of this video but on all official versions Pete was cut Katy Perry-style due to bad CGI (not poor acting or excessive cleavage). Also cameoing in this video are Panic! At The Disco and of course FOB’s Joe & Andy along with a collection of previous FOB iconography.

So that’s it for the round up of Pete Wentz cameos. MTV, if you’re reading these we want to see “The Pete Wentz Cameo Award” at next year’s VMAs pretty please.

Which cameos have I missed? Which is your favourite?