T.I. Gets Out of Prison… and Hooks Up With Taylor Swift!

Rapper T.I. finally made his way out of prison and where is the first place he goes for his first post-prison appearance? Probably the last place authorities would think to find him: into the throes of a Taylor Swift concert!

The rapper, who was released from a halfway house just last week, made a surprise appearance at last night’s show and joined the country-pop star in his song “Live Your Life,” with Taylor singing Rihanna‘s parts. How in the world did he end up there? Turns out that Taylor’s show was held at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, which is T.I.’s stomping grounds.

Check out the footage below:

T.I. is currently on probation for a year and must undergo drug and alcohol testing. He is not allowed to drive and can only travel for work.

And T.I. isn’t the only cameo that has been made in the duration of Taylor’s tour: she’s teamed up with Justin Bieber, Hayley Williams, Nicki Minaj and Ellen DeGeneres onstage in the past. This concert in particular was a makeup show for a postponement in July.

What do you think of T.I. and Taylor Swift’s hookup at the show? Who do you want to see Taylor link up with next?