Three For Free #4: Three Bands Offering Three Free Tracks EACH

I know, I know I skipped Three For Free last week but this week’s Music Monday is three times as good because there’s a total of nine freebies on offer. Am I forgiven yet?


If you’re looking for psychobilly punk rock, you’re in the wrong place as these are a fresh-faced fivesome from Hertfordshire – not the self-described “foremost motherf*ckers” that are The Matadors. Sans ‘the’ Matadors describe themselves as simply ‘Alternative’ and seem to be channeling an Arctic Monkeys-esque vibe. They are also offering 3 tracks for download in return for your sign-up to their mailing list. You can also stream them over on their Facebook Bandpage if space for MP3s on your computer is super-limited. Definitely worth a listen.

Official links: Website, Facebook, FREE DOWNLOADS

Frightened Rabbit

Proving that there are free songs by established acts as well as those who are ‘up-and-coming’, the fantastic Frightened Rabbit gave away their latest 3-track EP earlier this week. I stumbled upon it thanks to Soundhall’s blog post (cheers!) and now thanks to me, you have stumbled upon it too. You can stream “A Frightened Rabbit EP” (and read a track-by-track description from FR’s Scott) over on Drowned In Sound and if you like what you hear, you can sign up to their mailing and grab it for free. Conclusion = everyone’s happy.

Official links: Website, Facebook, Twitter, FREE DOWNLOADS

Article Thieves

If there was an award for most extensive list of influences mentioned on Facebook, these guys would probaby win. They describe it as ranging from “Death Cab for Cutire to Notorious B.I.G” and unsurprisingly the extensive list includes Fall Out Boy (Tricycle is sooo Evening Out.. meets Take This To Your Grave). As well as Tricycle, they offer “Lakeside” (which somehow carries a pop-punk meets Foals feel) and b-side (but just as strong as an a-side) “Talk About Sour”. At the moment, their “Rock ‘n Pluck” sound hasn’t been quite refined but like their FB page, download these tracks and keep an eye out for these Birmingham boys.

Official links: Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Myspace, FREE DOWNLOADS

Which is your favourite?

What other free songs have you downloaded recently?