Taylor Swift (Yes, Taylor Swift!) Nude Photo Scandal

SAY WHAT? America’s sweetheart? The adorable twiggy country superstar that we all know and love? Say it ain’t so, not MY Taylor Swift! Celebrity website Celebjihad posted an alleged topless photo of the star with the title “Taylor Swift Topless Private Pic Leaked?.”

The photo shows a girl that looks strikingly similar to Swift on a bed wearing nothing but her goldilocks and some blue underwear.

According to TMZ, the singer is ready to go to war over this and is prepared to sue the celeb site. Swift’s lawyers have sent the website a letter demanding that the photo be taken down, stating that the story was based on “false pornographic images and false ‘news.'”

So many celebrity nudity scandals, I don’t know what to do with them all! Keep your cellphones under lock and key kids!

Would you be shocked if the photos turned out to be legitimate? There are plenty of fake Taylor Swift nudes on the internet, why are her representatives responding so strongly to this one?