Style Icon: Daphne Guinness

I remember the first time I laid eyes on Daphne Guinness, at a party for a luxury car company on the arm of David LaChapelle (she, not me), and it was all I could do to not run up and bow before her. She was towering over everyone in giant Alexander McQueen armadillos, piercingly light colored contacts and a presence much larger and more powerful than any of the cars we were supposed to be ogling. In the company of conservatively dressed high society, it was impossible to keep eyes off of her. I found out who she was and haven’t stopped googling since.

Her style, always extremely dramatic, couture, and perhaps a bit Cruella-esque, never fails to awe and inspire. Look, gasp, and love (and check out the new Daphne Guinness book, by Valerie Steele).